Welcome to our website: SIS paranormal society or Spirit Interventions Services Paranormal Society.

We are a group of people that believe that there is something after death. We believe in spirits, entities and the paranormal. We strive to find the truth and help others with their paranormal issues. We want them to know they are not alone, that there are people out there who care and can help.  We try to prove or disprove each and every case brought our way, with the truth.  We share our knowledge and expertise. No one team member is more important then the other.  Each case is handled confidentially, and professionally. We also not only investigate but we also find resolutions to the situation to allow families, individuals and business get their lives back and find peace once again. We also offer aftercare support for all our clients.

Our society SIS : We welcome all to join. Share stories, experiences, ask questions, share leads on cases/clients for SIS Soceity members investigation  team to investigate.  WE will post any and all up coming SIS paranormal events, gatherings etc. Our home base is in Fullerton,CA.

Visitor's notice: To join or get assistance from SIS paranormal society you can contact us at sisparanormalsociety@yahoo.com or spiritinterventions@yahoo.com or 714-461-8428. If you have a paranormal issue and you are located in the Orange County area we can help.



Sis Paranormal Society open invitation to all for a Paranormal group gathering in Fullerton,CA.

01/07/2013 13:54
This is an open invitaton to anyone who has an interest, love, curiousity for the paranormal. Join with others that have the same interests. Come share experiences, stories, knowledge, discussions and make new bonds with people. Everyone is invited and it is completely free. Our first gathering...


07/12/2012 07:16
Come like us on face book. SIS Paranormal Society. Join us and keep current with stories, events and much more on face book. Share your experiences, stories, ask questions. Interact with fellow SIS members, it's just a click away on face book. SIS Paranormal Society. See you there:

Visitors notice

07/11/2012 22:46
All events will be posted for anyone to attend. But must confirm attendance by emailing confirmation of attendance to sisparanormalsocierty@yahoo.com. If you are client looking for assistance with your paranormal issues please contact us at sisparanormalsociety@yahoo.com or...

Website launched

07/11/2012 22:45
Our new website has been launched today July 11 2012. Though SIS paranormal society is just getting started our sister company and founder Spirit Interventions Services has been around for years.  They have been dealing in the paranormal and assisting families and businesses...