About Us

SIS PARANORMAL SOCIETY OR SPIRIT INTERVENTIONS SERVICES PARANORMAL SOCIETY: We are a group of people that believe in the paranormal and want to prove or disprove it's existance. We all share in the desire to want experience the paranormal.  As a group we want to pull from each others expertise and experiences.  We want to investigate and find the truth, does the paranormal really exisit? We want to prove fact not fiction. We want to share with others like us that believe there is something after a person passes on.


Check out our founders work website spiritinterventins.webnode.com This site is seperate from the society SIS paranormal society, but part of our paranormal family. SIS paranormal society is non profit.

Our users

If you have questions, need advice or want to share an experience. We want to hear from you.  sisparanormalsociety@yahoo.com 


WOULD YOU LIKE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF SIS PARANORMAL SOCIETY?: Then email us at sisparanormalsocierty@yahoo.com It's only a click away. Make sure to give your name, location, and tell us a little about yourself and interest in the paranormal. Share your strenghs and expertise or experience that drew you to the paranormal.


When you become a member we will send monthly news letters and share stories/experiences from other SIS soceity members and more.

































History of project

Our founder Spirit Interventions Services was around before the "paranormal" was an acceptable subject. They were around when the paranormal was taboo and not talked about or acceptable to be associated with.  When it was something to be frowned down upon and judged to be a fraud. They stayed fast and kept up their belief in the paranormal and what they were doing to help those in need. Now they have been rewarded by being accepted in this day and age.